2015 Global Intelligence Forum
The Dungarvan Conference
July 12th - 16th, 2015

Intelligence-Informed Decision-Making to Build a More Secure Future

 I.             "GIF Talk": Setting the Context: Current Situation in American & International Higher Education

Andrew Roth, Ph.D. President-Emeritus Notre Dame College, Strategic Consultant Higher Education

An overview of the major forces -market, economic, globalization, public policy and technological - impacting both the domestic and international higher education landscape, the institutional, national and international responses to those forces and a glimpse at higher education's evolving, unbundled future.


II.           Competitive Intelligence Comes to Higher Education:

A. Intelligence Activities - Lessons from the Corporate World

Patrick Gibbons, Jefferson Smurfit Professor of Strategic Mgmt. & Academic Dir-Exec. Development, Michael Smurft Graduate Business School, University College Dublin

B. Intelligence Applied to the University Setting: The Outlines of a Practice

    Liam Fahey, Executive Director, Leadership Forum, Inc., Professor of Management Practice, Babson College

C. Questions & Answers: Moderated by:

Mary Breckenridge, D. Ed., Professor of Organizational Leadership Mercyhurst University

Prof. Willie Donnelly, President of Waterford Institute of Technology

III.       Applying Competitive Intelligence to a Specific University - Function: Admissions and Enrollment Management

Matt Whelan, Ed.D., Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives, Office of the President State University of New York at Stony Brook

Stefan Hyman, Asst. Provost for Enrollment Strategies, Communications & Analytics, State University of New York at Stony Brook Stony Brook, New York


Applying Competitive Intelligence to a Specific University - Function: Admissions and Enrollment Management

This session examines practical applications of competitive intelligence at Stony Brook University, a public flagship university located in New York and a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU). Through strategic enrollment management, Stony Brook has ignited impressive growth in applications, academic quality metrics, and enrollments of students from other U.S. states and nations. This presentation specifically focuses on use of competitive analysis and market research at each stage of the admissions process. By investing resources in these areas, colleges can better understand which peer institutions they compete with for students, and identify both challenges and opportunities for meeting their enrollment goals.

This session examines how Stony Brook University aggregates intelligence across a variety of units to strengthen institutional effectiveness, specifically in the areas of enrollment management and academic success. Strategic uses of institutional knowledge, predictive analytics, and collaborative projects can help your university thrive.

News & Announcements

ERIE, Pa. -- National security and law enforcement agencies gather intelligence to combat threats. The business and finance industries use intelligence to compete. It's time for higher education to do the same, one Mercyhurst University professor said. Read More »
Posted on July 14th, 2015, 9:08 AM
For several months, Islamic State militants have been using instant messaging apps which encrypt or destroy conversations immediately. This has inhibit U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies from identifying and monitoring suspected terrorists, even when a court order is granted, because messaging companies and app developers say they are unable to unlock the coded conversations and/or do not have a record of the conversations. “We’re past going dark in certain instances,” said Michael B. Steinbach, the FBI’s top counterterrorism official. “We are dark.” Read More »
Posted on June 11th, 2015, 8:29 AM